miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2008

(En) Blind man's buff. Goya picture by Gustavo Freudenthal

”Blind man’s buff”. Vintage photography signed in Zaragoza (Spain) and dated in 1917.

Blind man’s buff (or literally “the blind chicken”) is an original picture by Goya (“La gallina ciega”). It was created as a model for the Royal tapestry industry in 1789.
This rare photomontage is a copy of this picture. The face of the characters and the dresses are pictures taken with a camera, but the landscape was drawn with the hands of the artist.
There are few differences with the original, mainly the way the picture is presented. The original picture is a vertical one (3,5 x 2,69 m) and this photomontage is a landscape (44 x 54 cm). The other difference is that there is one man left from the original picture.

This photomontage is very rare for those ages, and we have to appreciate also the size of the photo itself, quite big also.

Gustavo Freudenthal, despite his name, is a Spanish photographer that also worked for the newspaper “Heraldo de Aragón”. He held a studio called “Art-Studio” in Coso Street, nº31, Zaragoza.

The other peculiarity about this image is the way I bought it. It was within a vintage frame in an antiques shop. When I asked for the price, it was very expensive because of the frame. When I said I only wanted the picture, the price was really cheap. I was very happy and the seller too.

If you want to compare the images, see below the original one:

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