jueves, 15 de mayo de 2008

(En) Photographer Disderi

Adolphe Disderi was a great photographer that invented the Carte de Visite. He had quite a great success with his studio in Paris. He took pictures of the high society of France (Napoleon III) as well as the artists.
At the end of his live he had no money and lived among poverty in Nice.

The high quality he was able to develop in his photos is represented in this photography. This is a Cabinet Card of his last years in Nice. We can consider this picture as good as the greatest on those ages, as is, the ones done by Lewis Carroll in England.

The pose of the girl is quite similar to some pictures Lewis Carroll did of Alice Lidell. Although this pictures was taken in his studio, with faked background and toys, the pose (the way she crosses her legs), the gesture, and mainly the way she looks to the camera, create a perfect portrait showing that Disderi was able to maintain his artistic manners until the end of his carreer.

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