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(en) Photographer Nadar. Carte de Visite. Vintage photography Paris

This image represents a young man in a carte de visite by Nadar. His actual name was Gaspard-Felix Tournachon, and was the most famous photographer of France in the second half of the XIX century. He lately became famous in Europe and even America where he had correspondents like Courret in Lima (Peru).

He was firstly known by his writings and drawings. He lent his studio to the first exhibitions of the impresionist artist in Paris in 35th of Boulevard des Capucines.

His best photos were made in 1860's/70's, when the most famous persons of Paris posed in his studio, like Sarah Bernhardt. He was one of the first to play with electric light. He died in 1910 and passed his studio on to his son Paul.

His pictures can be seen in the best museums.

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