(en) Vintage photography Pompei. Photographer Robert Rive

This picture depicts a view of the city of Pompeii: "Fontana della Strada dell 'Abbondanza".The sight of the cobbled street that rotates on its horizon line by a tree, thereby achieving a sense of depth.
Robert Rive was a British photographer who came to Italy in mid-nineteenth century and settled in Naples and also in Rome.
This photo belongs to an album dedicated to be the "souvenir" for the first tourists who came to see the newly discovered city of Pompeii.

The photos can be dated to 1870t's, the first time period of the photographic work of Rive in Pompei.
The signature of Rive is included in the letters of the title of the album in very small size almost unseen.
Rive photos are found in both Italian and British Museums.