Links. Based at the University of Bristol, 'Historical Photographs of China'.

 The project now locates, digitises, and publishes online photographs of China held, largely, in private hands outside the country. Although there are some sets of material from institutional repositories, the principal sources of our materials are families living outside China who have historical connections with it, typically this involves a family history of living and working there. Our sources are families who were involved in public service, business, missionary work, police or foreign armed forces. Most of our photographers were 'amateurs', although we have some material from journalists, and much from individuals who applied themselves seriously to the art of photography.

Featured Collections

Our collections vary in size, and many complement each other forming a wider body of materials. This page highlights some particular strengths. There are the extensive and distinctive portfolios of work created by diplomat and politician Fu Bingchang (傅秉 常 1895-1965) and by George Warren Swire (1883-1949). Then there are two sets of materials that came from contacts with the descendants of men who served in the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, and in the Shanghai Municipal Police.