Brian May unwraps new book "George Washington Wilson"

Ah ! I forgot ! We did a vid to introduce GWW and this book to the world.

This says “Scotland's greatest stereo photographer”. Probably the case. And here we are. We'll open it up and this book doesn't have a slip case. Most of our books have been in a slip case with the OWL enclosed. This one is more portable, if you like, and instead of the large OWL, which is demountable, In the back of the book back, of this book, we have the Lite OWL, which actually performs optically very very well and makes things a little bit more accessible as regards getting the thing out there to the public. So we're hoping this new format will work. It also means the book can be a little bit cheaper, so it's again a little bit more accessible to more people. That's my hope. ... The whole text describes George Washington Wilson's journey through life and his discovery of stereoscopic photography and it describes the way within which he kind of got hooked on being a stereo photographer rather than a flat landscape photographer. He innovated. He was a technician as well as an artist and he discovered that if he took pictures into the light as opposed to with the light behind you. which was the way that was prescribed at the time, he discovered he could get beautiful lighting effects and particularly he could get the sky … [he] could get the clouds in his pictures that had been very difficult up to this time. So this particular photograph here , which is what you see in the front of the cover, was one of the achievements which made him a national treasure and he was very much appreciated in his day.