Documentación. La obra fotográfica de José Spreáfico.J. Fernández Rivero.

José Spreáfico (1831-1878) is especially known for his two albums conserved in the archive of the Royal Palace (Madrid): the railroad from Malaga to Cordoba and La Rábida. Their daring plans of bridges and railroads and their additions to the human element, have captivated the authors who have been dealing with the history of Spanish photography. But the photographic work of Spreafico goes beyond these well-known stories, actually being a complete photographer, which dealt with many and varied projects, and that only a professional life too short and perhaps also accented Spanish centralism, which hid the values of the periphery, for so long prevented its merits were duly recognized. Today however, in view of the quality and breadth of his work, we must consider it as one of the great photographers of the nineteen Spanish.