(en) Edward Steichen. Reina Sofía Exhibition. Madrid

Last summer (2008), I pass by an exhibition in the Modern Art Museum of Madrid (Reina Sofia), where an exhibition of the photographer Edward Steichen was held.

I expected an exhibition similar (in quality) to the one I saw in the same Museum, in 2005, by Alfred Stieglitz. To my dissapointed, I wasn't so good.

The pictorialism period of Steichen had pictures too edited trying to show some kind of visual effects. They tried to look like drawings, but these two arts are not the same.

There were also some pictures of this Vogue period were he took photos of fashion. Here we see a better Steichen photographer, with greater quality.

This was a good exhibition, but to my opinion, Steichen is not such a great photographer at least if we compare him with photographers like Stieglitz.

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