(en) Photographer Arthur Prentiss. Columbia river Highway construction, Oregon


This pictures shows one of the most famous sections of the Columbia River Highway, the Hood River Loops, Columbia River Highway near Hood river.

This highway is a United States National Landmark and also a Scenic Highway. The construction began in 1913, through the mountains and lands of this west side of United States, the state of Oregon. It was an important achivement because the difficulty of its engineering and importance of the communication.

The photographer Arthur Prentiss made an album of the construction of these highway. In this case, it shows in the middle of the image, as the key part, the loops through a hill, with a house in the front that states the image in the begging of the XIX century.

Arthur Prentiss focused his work in Oregon. He worked with Benjamin Gifford and George Weister. Some of his pictures belong to the most important historic photographic archive of the United States, the FSA (Farm Security Administration).