(en) Vintage photography Madrid, photographer Alfonso

When you're beginning a collection and you buy a photograph like this one you could think that you have bought a picture of "Wealthy people" by the luxurious setting in which are this pair of lovers.
Naturally this is not true, we are in the study Alfonso photographer in Fuencarral street of Madrid in which Alfonso Sanchez Garcia worked and was followed in the photographic labour by his sons Alfonso, Luis and Jose, also well known photographers.
Alfonso was a photojournalist who started as an apprentice in the studio of Manuel Company. Subsequently highlighting becomes independent photographic work in the war in Morocco in Madrid news graphics as well as the work of portrait photography in that cabinet Fuencarral street.
His work has been extensively studied by Publio Lopez Mondejar who published a book about his life and work and was the curator of the exhibition organized in tribute to him in the "Circulo de Bellas Artes" in Madrid in 2002.

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