Helmut by June (1995) . Vídeo. June Newton (actress and photographer). Widow of fashion photographer Helmut Newton

Película de una hora de duración realizada por la mujer de Helmut Newton. En la misma nos muestra tanto su vida profesional ( el cuidado en la pose exacta de los modelos, exacta con su idea de la  fotografía que tiene el fotógrafo en su mente), como su vida mundana, y familiar. Realmente curioso el vídeo.

Wikipedia Helmut by June
......The Newtons lived in Paris for 27 years and then moved to Monte Carlo — wintering in Los Angeles for 3 months of the year. Their lives were documented in the 1995 tele-film Helmut by June, co-produced by the French pay-TV channel Canal The majority of the footage for the documentary was shot by June in the 1990s using a video camera that she had originally purchased for her husband as a Christmas present. June's footage was edited down to a one-hour film that was shown in France. This footage was seen by Helmut's friend, film director Brett Ratner, who decided that he wanted to bring it to a US audience. He shot two additional minutes of June talking about Helmut, which he added as an introduction to the film; Ratner's version premiered on Cinemax on 30 April 2007..