martes, 22 de agosto de 2017

Exposiciones que me gustaría ver:Charles Sheeler from Doylestown to Detroit. Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Son algunos los pintores que, a su vez, son o fueron fotógrafos.
Son muy pocos los muy buenos pintores que, a su vez, fueron muy buenos fotógrafos.
Uno de ellos, en mi opinión y desde la distancia de solo ver sus fotos en libros, es el americano Charles Sheeler.
En este momento tiene una exposición de sus fotos 

Charles Sheeler from Doylestown to Detroit. Museum of Fine Arts Boston

En Lens culture se publica un excelente artículo, con fotos, sobre su obra

Power in Simplicity: How This Modern Photographer Mastered His Style
A behind-the-scenes look at a new exhibition of Charles Sheeler’s striking work reveals a critical skill for all photographers.
................Charles Sheeler, born in 1883, was long remembered as a painter. But for the modern viewer, it is his photography (once dismissed as a merely commercial pursuit) that is a revelation. Sparse and minimal studies of light, shot within his simple studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, bump up against complex images of industrial equipment twisting richly through the frame. Although his subject matter is often plain, Sheeler imbued his compositions with potency and an arresting quality that is hard to define. His minimalist indoor compositions are meditative yet impactful;.......................

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