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Estudio o dossier, en inglés, que nos informa, de manera entretenida, de la relación que emprenden fotografía y arqueología a finales del siglo XIX
En este caso nos informan sobre el fotógrafo Francis Bedford y el documento es del Royal Collection Trust.

.......Hello, this is a special Royal Collection Trust podcast on the extraordinary work of photographer Francis Bedford, who accompanied the Prince of Wales on his tour of the Middle East in 1862. In this podcast, Dr Amara Thornton from University College London gives a lecture written by Dr Debbie Challis on Bedford entitled ‘Archaeology Among the Ruins’ to an audience at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace. Although Bedford’s work fits into a long Western tradition of picturing the Orient, during this period photography was becoming increasingly respected as a science. Dr Thornton will be exploring the effect photography had on the emerging science of archaeology. This is an enhanced podcast so make sure you look at the images when they appear on the screen of your device.

.......The Grand Tour was normally a period of two to three years’ travel, generally for education for wealthy young men in their twenties and normally it’s considered to focus on Italy, but in fact many travellers always sailed on from Venice, Naples or Malta to Greece, to Constantinople and beyond, as the Prince of Wales did in 1862.