Links. 'The Greatest Grid' online collection of the Museum of the City of New York.The street grid is a defining element of Manhattan.

El Museo de la Ciudad de Nueva York tiene, disponible en línea, una web que nos muestra la historia de la ciudad, de la "malla" que forman las calles de Manhattan.
En esta web encontramos muchas fotos ( y dibujos, cuadros, etc) de la ciudad de Nueva York tanto del siglo XIX como del siglo XX.

The street grid is a defining element of Manhattan. Established in 1811 to blanket the island when New York was a compact town at the southern tip, the grid was the city’s first great civic enterprise and a vision of brazen ambition. It is also a milestone in the history of city planning and sets a standard to think just as boldly about New York’s future. 

19th-Century Development

Modern Reforms, 20th Century—Now