Albert Levy's Architectural photographic series. XIX century vintage photography

"Albert Levy's Architectural photographic series" is a collection of at least, 36 albums with 30-40 albumen prints of the architecture of the United Stated in the 1870's.
The name used by the photographer Albert Levy in these series is:

  • Albert Levy's Photographic Series of Modern American Architecture

The photographs were taken, for this leading french photographer, in the period between 1870-1885.

Albert Levy's photographs are the selection of the works of well known architects of the United States who designed buildings and great residences in the mid of the XIX century (see in this blog the name of all these architects).

The BNF has the catalogue of Albert Levy with photographs until 1887. Having a look at the catalogue, we can see the cities Albert Levy travelled to with his camera to choose the best buildings of each one.

The best American photography museums own series of Albert Levy's series of American Architecture
Museums with Albert Levy photographic series of American architecture ( Vintage american architecture XIX century):

Albert Levy has vintage photographs of the following cities of USA (total of 663 photos from 1870's)

Amerique du Nord

Maisons prives (Private houses)

Washigton,Baltimore, Boston,New York, Philadelphia,Albany,Chicago, Cleveland, Brooklyn N.Y., Rochester, Buffalo,Detroit, Cincinatti.

207 photos

Maisons de campagne (Houses of the outskirts)

Elberon, Long Branch, Orange, Hartford, Newport, Dorcester, Pride Crossing, Jamaica Plain, Beverly fram, Cincinatti, North Easton, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Bar Harbor, Monmouth Beach, Stokem's N.J., Manchester Mss., Longwood Mass, Cambridge Mass., Mount Auburn, o, Walnut hills, Avondale. Buffalo, Lafayette, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Mount Desert.

231 photos

Maisons de commerce et a loyer (shops and appartment buildings)

Boston, Albany, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Cincinatti, Pittsburg.

40 photos

Maisons de banque et de bureaux (offices ang banks buildings)

New York, Albany, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Cambridge mass.

43 photos

Edifices publics divers (Public buildings)

Baltimore, New York, Washigton, North easton, Nouevelle Orleans, Boston, Topeka, St. Louis, Woburn, Little Rock,Providence, Avondale, Haartford

72 photos

Interieurs divers (Interiors)

North Easton, Albany, New York, Washington,Detroit, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago

36 photos

Eglises etc (Churches)

Boston, Philadelphia. New York, Detroit, ST. Louis, Chicago, Hartford.

44 photos