(en) Photographer Wilhelm Muller. Vintage photography Vienna. 1912

This two photos shows us the reception in Vienna of the Cardinal van Rossum Ablegat in the occasion of the XXIII International Eucharistic Congress held in Vienna in 1912.
These pictures belong to a rare album located in Madrid
in an antique bookseller and noted for its luxurious and magnificent bookbinding conservation. A copy of this album is in a library in Vienna.
According to the same label was sold at the store Rudolf Lechner. The album is photographer Wilhelm Muller, as the actual album shows.

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  • .......During the first year (1899-1900) in which the Kupferstich-Kabinett acquired art photography, Lehrs added to its collection the works of fifty photographers from eight countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, England, Scotland, Poland and Russia). Among the pictures he selected, many represent the recognized achievements of the art photography movement in general at the turn of the century.
    Only pieces acquired in 1899 and 1900 are discussed here, although additions to the collection continued later. The early acquisitions illustrate the initial phase of the art photography movement (Kunstlerische Photographie)
    before the gradual shift that Germany was to make towards the later phase, commonly called Picto¬ rialist Photography (Bildnis-Photographie), beginning shortly after 1900
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    Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Amateur Photographie de Hambourg was a center of activity. German pictorialists include the Hofmeister Brothers Theodor (1863-1943) and Oskar (1871-1937) and their associates Eduard Christian Arning (1855-1936), George Einbeck (1871-1951), Heinrich Wilhelm Müller (1859-1933), Gustav E. B. Trinks (1871-1967) and Bernhard Troch (1867-after 1924). 
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