(en) Vintage photography Columbia River Highway, Oregon.


This view shows us the place "Looking Mitchell west border point, at Sonny, Hoo River County" in the Historic Columbia River Highway


The point of view of the photographer is, this time, a low to show us how small is man vs. nature.
We see how the road winds through the rocks, clinging to them and in the background, the forests of the area where we distinguish the human footprint on the isolated cabin down the hill.
This highway is today a historical landmark for the American administration that sees it as a National Historic Landmark and National Civil Engineering Landmark.
Arthur Prentiss was a famous photographer of the American West, who collected the life of the Indians and white man's activity in America in the second half of the nineteenth century (with the Spruce Forestry Company is an example). He was alone and study in the company of other famous photographers such as: Benjamin Gifford and George Weisten.