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Ya he comentado algunas veces post sobre la posibilidad que ofrecen muchos museos de tener la descarga libre de sus obras.
Esto en España es todavía escaso, más bien raro, y , si hablamos de imágenes de alta resolucion más raro todavía.
Pues bien se ha sumado a esta opción, en parte de sus obras, la colección Barnes una de las colecciones privadas, desde hace tiempo museo, de obras del impresionismo y.....más. 

Open Access at the Barnes.

Throughout the conceptualization of our collection project our general counsel has also been working behind the scenes to help us provide open access to the collection. At this time 2,081 of our 4,021 objects have been published online. We’ve determined — according to our newly created guidelines — that 1,429 works are not under copyright; you can now download these high resolution images directly from the site.
In terms of the digital presentation that surrounds this new effort, you’ll notice that works under copyright are treated differently than those that are not; pull up this Matisse, which is under copyright, and compare it to this Cezanne, which is in the public domain. Images under copyright can’t be zoomed and are limited to the display size we’ve negotiated with rights holders; you’ll see a button that sends people to “request image.” On images in the public domain, zooming is enabled and the button sends you to “download image.” We do ask a few questions prior to the download to help us better understand how images are being used — this is all done through a Wufoo integration. You’ll also notice that we are linking directly to either Creative Commons or in the copyright status of our metadata. Both gave us easy ways to link to existing statements rather than reinventing the wheel