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Se conoce a la fotógrafa Berenice Abbott sobre todo por sus fotografías de la arquitectura de Nueva York

 The Library's Changing New York archive contains more than 2,200 duplicate and variant prints representing about three-quarters of the 302 images contained in Abbott's definitive version of the project. The Library's holding also contains images that continue the project's negative numbering but fall outside its scope. These anomalous images are included here for historical and pictorial purposes.

Gas tank and Queensboro Bridge, East 62nd Street & York Avenue, Manhattan.

Oak and New Chambers Streets, Manhattan.

y por ser, pudieramos decir, la descubridora de la calidad de Atget como fotógrafo.
Menos conocida es su trabajo fotográfico en el MIT

......From 1939-60, Abbott photographed scientific subjects, concluding with her notable illustrations for the MIT-originated Physical Sciences Study Committee's revolutionary high school physics course. In 1954, she photographed along the length of US 1; the work never found a publisher. In 1968, Abbott sold the Atget archive to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and moved permanently to her home in central Maine (bought in 1956 and restored over several decades) .............
Pues bien algunas de estas fotos se pueden ver en la colección en línea del MIT museum, fotos totalmente diferentes a las anteriormente comentadas y que nos muestran la versatilidad de esta gran fotógrafa.

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