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La librería del Congreso tiene, en fotografía , uno de los mayores fondos del mundo y es, posiblemente, la que más fotografía tiene disponible para su libre bien no en este caso

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The Look Magazine Photograph Collection is the photographic archive of Look magazine. The full collection, which includes cataloged and uncataloged portions, consists of images published in Look magazine between 1937 and 1971, as well as images that the magazine never published. It totals approximately 5 million items....

The photographs reflect the wide variety of topics covered by the magazine, including:
  • celebrities in many fields, especially politics, entertainment, and the arts
  • food
  • fashion
  • lifestyles
  • sports
  • developments in medicine and technology
  • social issues such as civil rights and women's changing roles
  • international affairs
  • Mencionar, como curiosidad, que incluye fotos realizadas por Stanley Kubric

Stanley Kubrick photos - Of the more than 300 assignments Kubrick did for Look (1946-1951), a little more than 100 are in Library of Congress collection; other Kubrick material may be found in the Museum of the City of New York (see Related Resources). Because of interest expressed in Kubrick's work, all Look jobs with which Stanley Kubrick was associated are cataloged, with descriptions focusing on negatives that have been printed.