The Calotype Club. Edinburgh. Photographic albums

Sobre el calotipo, con numerosas vistas, es muy interesante la web 


These two albums of the Edinburgh Calotype Club, the first photographic club in the world, are among the earliest photograph albums in the world ever assembled. They contain over 300 images by a group of pioneering Scottish photographers working in Edinburgh and St. Andrews. 

The Club is the oldest photographic club in the world and these collections of photographs arranged in two volumes - volume one is held at the National Library of Scotland; a second volume, which we have termed ‘volume two’ is held at Edinburgh Central Library. Apparently there were no articles of association and no minutes were kept of meetings. By all accounts it was quite an informal, convivial affair:
‘The meetings were held periodically at the houses of the members alternately, and generally each took the form of a breakfast, although when some greater step than ordinary had been made in advance it was generally honoured by being introduced to the members at a formal dinner’.