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Links. Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey) Photography Project - Gallery. ( directed by former Farm Security Administration official Roy Stryker)


Energy & Natural Resources - Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey) Photography Project - Gallery


Energy & Natural Resources - Gallery

Below is a gallery of photographs, documents, publications, drawings and other items illustrating the scope of the Briscoe Center's Energy and Natural Resources Collections.

The Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) Photography Project collection, a component of the ExxonMobil Historical Collection, consists of photographs amassed as an initiative of Jersey Standard's Public Relations department and directed by former Farm Security Administration official Roy Stryker from roughly 1943 to 1950. In the wake of flagging public opinion, the project endeavored to improve the oil industry's image by visually illustrating Jersey Standard’s positive impact on the people and communities where the company had an often sizable presence, and by documenting the company’s operations in the United States and abroad. The images were disseminated and made available for use in local and national newspapers and published in corporate magazines and newsletters. Stryker’s cadre of photographers, many of whom were with him during his years at the FSA, included Esther Bubley, Jacob Lofman, John Collier, Jr., Arnold Eagle, Russell Lee, Sol Libsohn, Gordon Parks, Charles Rotkin, John Vachon, Todd Webb, Edwin and Louise Rosskam, and Harold Corsini.

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