Rejlander's Two Ways of Life - Part 2 in Lab. National Gallery Canada

How did Rejlander assemble 32 negatives for his work "Two Ways of Life"? Learn about it with our specialists from the conservation and restoration lab, John McElhone and Christophe Vishi. Then see 2 versions of “Two Ways of Life” in the exhibition “Oscar G. Rejlander: Artist Photographer,” on view in the CPI Galleries of the National Gallery of Canada until February 3, 2019.


Oscar G. Rejlander: Artist Photographer
Friday, October 19, 2018 to Sunday, February 3, 2019
Known to posterity as the father of art photography, Oscar Rejlander remains one of the medium’s unsung heroes. Although he collaborated with Charles Darwin, and influenced the work of both Julia Margaret Cameron and Lewis Carroll, this groundbreaking exhibition is the first major Rejlander retrospective ever produced.
Exploring Rejlander’s career as painter, photographer and experimental artist, the exhibition features some 140 works by Rejlander, from landscapes and portraits to allegories and witty commentaries on contemporary society.