Exposiciones que me gustaría ver. Captain Linnaeus Tripe. Photographer of India and Burma 1852-1860.V&Albert Museum

Procedente de la National Gallery se abre en el Museo Victoria y Alberto de Londres una buena exposición de fotografía centrada en una zona geográfica India y Burma entre 1852 y 1860.
Son fotografías, muchas de ellas, de arquitectura.
El museo Victoria y Alberto tiene, cuando presenta sus exposiciones, gran documentación sobre diferentes apartados de la misma que la explican de un modo muy didáctico.

Linnaeus Tripe Biography

He made his first photographs of India on leave from his regiment in Hullebede and Belloor in Mysore, south India, in December that year. Tripe prepared 68 photographs of previously unphotographed temples from his trip for the 'Madras Exhibition of Raw Products, Arts, and Manufactures of Southern India', which opened in February 1855. The jury stated his work to be the 'best series of photographic views on paper

Pero, sobre todo, merece la pena leer sus métodos de trabajo.

Tripe declined the silver medal amicably, since he considered that as an official photographer he had an unfair advantage over the other entrants. Tripe's photographs were valued for their informational value and their technical quality. The adjudicating committee stated that Tripe's photographs 'illustrate admirably the architecture of the Hindoo Temples and Places of Southern India

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