domingo, 31 de mayo de 2015

Paul Strand. Documentos y vídeo.Under the Darkcloth documental Paul Strand: , Part 1 to 6

Uno de los grandes fotógrafos del siglo XX es Paul Strand. 
Con motivo de su próxima exposición en Mapfre es bueno ver algunos documentos - dossier y un documental de mediados del siglo XX- sobre su obra.
Tienen el valor de ser un punto de vista "antiguo", y por tanto diferente a cómo se ve y explica hoy la obra de un fotógrafo.

Vídeos Sobre su obra. ( Georgia O' Keeffe es uno de los artistas que hablan de la obra de Strand)

Paul Strand: Under the Darkcloth, Part 1 of 6 

Under the Dark Cloth, Part 2 of 6 

Georgia O' Keeffe habla sobre su obra.


Paul Strand: Under the Darkcloth, Part 3 of 6

Paul Strand: Under the Dark Cloth, Part 4 of 6 

Paul Strand: Under the Dark Cloth, Part 5 of 6

Paul Strand: Under the Dark Cloth, Part 6 of 6


Como complemento actual la obra de Strand en el Met Museum 

For a long time, Strand had wanted to make "portraits of people such as you see in the New York parks and places, sitting around, without their being conscious of being photographed. … I felt that one could get a quality of being through the fact that the person did not know he was being photographed … [and I wanted to capture] these people within an environment which they themselves had chosen to be in, or were in anyway." Strand set out for Five Points, the heart of the immigrant slums on the Lower East Side, with his camera rigged with a false lens to distract attention. Approaching a potential subject, Strand turned ninety degrees away and aimed the false lens in the direction he was facing

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