Clarence H. White. Fotógrafo y maestro de fotógrafos

Son pocos los grandes fotógrafos que destaquen por su labor formativa de otros fotógrafos, que hagan escuela o den clase en el mejor sentido de la palabra.
Uno de los que destacó en esta labor fue Clarence H. White


1914-1920: Teacher and leader

The Clarence H. White School of Modern Photography

Encouraged by the success of the Seguinland School and by his newfound freedom to act outside of the shadow of Stieglitz, White founded the Clarence H. White School of Photography in 1914. White asked Max Weber to join him, along with Paul Lewis Anderson. White taught the students about photographic style and interpretation; Weber taught design, composition and art theory; and Anderson taught the technical aspects of cameras and equipment. Jane White took on the roles of administrator, bookkeeper, social director and facilitator for her husband's daily tasks.
Over the next decade the School attracted many students who went on to become notable photographers, including Margaret Bourke-White, Anton Bruehl, Dorothea Lange, Paul Outerbridge, Laura Gilpin, Ralph Steiner, Karl Struss, Margaret Watkins and Doris Ulmann.

MOma About the school

Beneath the Wrinkle. The American Museum of Photography.

The Clarence H. White School of Photography

Coming Through the Door

Artist: Clarence H. White (American, 1871–1925)
Date: 1898
Medium: Gelatin silver print

The Orchard

Artist: Clarence H. White (American, 1871–1925)
Date: 1902
Medium: Platinum print

Boy with "Camera Work"

Artist: Clarence H. White (American, 1871–1925)
Date: 1903
Medium: Platinum print

 White excelled in making quiet luminous studies of home life, such as this picture of his son Maynard with an issue of Stieglitz’s new journal, Camera Work.Between 1903 and 1910, twenty-seven images by White were reproduced as photogravures in Camera Work, including—somewhat self-referentially—this image in issue 9, in 1905

Morning - The Bathroom

Artist: Clarence H. White (American, 1871–1925)
Date: 1906
Medium: Platinum print

 Museo Reina Sofía.

Nude (Desnudo)

  • Clarence H. White West Carlisle, Ohio, EE.UU., 1871 - Ciudad de México, México, 1925
Library of Congress:Clarence H. White School of Photography--New York (State)--New York--1920-1930.