Documentación fotográfica Martin Parr

Martin Parr es un fotógrafo de reconocida fama miembro, además, de la Agencia Magnum.
Recientemente he localizado un pequeño documento con una mini entrevista sobre su obra.
Merece la pena destacar tanto las   preguntas como las  respuestas. Una vez más menciono la técnica en un post para mostrar la enorme diferencia de concepto y técnica que existe entre la fotografía antigua y la moderna. 
La abrumadora técnica actual aproxima cada vez más a "pintar" con la cámara de fotos, mientras que la cámara antigua, de una u otra manera, recogía la realidad presente tal cual era, vista por el ojo del fotógrafo

  • Why did you start to use digital?
I guess it is one of those things that eventually catches up with you. So in 2006 I took the plunge by buying a small digital Sony and in 2007 a Canon 5D, later upgrading to a Canon 5D Mark 11. 
........The thing people do not realise with digital is that what you should be constantly adjusting is the iso......
  • And digital printing?
Yes we have a HP Z3200 inkjet printer in my studio and all new production is done on this. This is great news as we are able to control the quality of printing very carefully. I also very much like the fact that these new pigment ink prints are ten times more archival than a traditional c-print.
  • How do you achieve these bright colours?
I use amateur film, currently Fuji 400 Superior for the 6/7 cm camera and Agfa Ultra or Fuji 100 asa film for the ring flash and macro lens. This combined with flash gives very high colour saturation, there is no Photoshop used.