Fotografía antigua Nueva York.Photograph Agency Underwood John & Mary Markle Memorial

Fotografia realizada por la conocida agencia  Underwood&Underwood que representa

John &Mary Markle Memorial
1123 West 13 th. Street New York

Segun nos indica la informacion al dorso de la foto, habitual en las fotos de Agencia. 

Underwood & Underwood was an early producer and distributor of stereoscopic and other photographic images, and later was a pioneer in the field of news-bureau photography.
The company was founded in 1881 in Ottawa, Kansas, by two brothers, Elmer Underwood (born Fulton County, Illinois 1859 - died St. Petersburg, Florida 1947) and Bert Elias Underwood (born in Oxford, Illinois 1862 - died Tucson, Arizona 1943). They moved to Baltimore and then to New York City in 1891.
At one time, Underwood & Underwood was the largest publisher of stereoviews in the world, producing 10 million views a year.

The 1929 Deco John and Mary Markle Memorial Residence (known as the Markle Evangeline Residence for Women), run by the Salvation Army as an international residence for business and professional women, graduate and undergraduate college students and senior citizens.

Estas fotos, muchas veces de fotógrafos desconocidos, estaban realizadas por buenos, muchas veces muy buenos, profesionales cuyos nombre se empiezan, todavía hoy a conocer.

...........The John and Mary R. Markle Foundation was established in 1927 by John Markle (1858-1933), a mining engineer and a successful businessman who became known nationally as the builder of the Jeddo drainage tunnel, which reclaimed Pennsylvania mines inundated by floods in 1886. Markle and his wife, Mary Estelle Robinson (1863-1927), had no children, and he established the foundation soon after he retired from business in 1926. Until his death in July 1933, Markle was president and treasurer of the Foundation, and over time he endowed it with $15 million.

The Foundation was chartered "to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge among the people of the United States and to promote the general good of mankind." Grants, averaging a total of $400,000 annually, went primarily to charities which the Markles had previously supported. In addition, the foundation gave money to individuals, including relatives and needy strangers who came to John Markle's attention and in whom he took a personal interest.

After John Markle's death, the foundation trustees sought direction from Frederick Keppel, president of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and changed the foundation from a private organization to a focused public foundation. There were no new individual beneficiaries after 1934, and the trustees began to formulate a plan of action. From 1936 to 1945, the Markle Foundation primarily supported medical research, making 627 grants to 336 projects, and supporting work that resulted in the publication of 1,400 scientific papers.........