Cindy Sherman Emoticonos.Cindy Sherman-Icon

Es curioso, digamos divertido, ver las múltiples utilidades de la imagen.
Como saben la fotógrafa Cindy Sherman es una de las más cotizadas del mundo.


Meet The World's Most Expensive Photo

Moma: Cindy Sherman

Pues bien ahora su cara, sus gestos, se pueden descargar de manera libre,y usarse como emoticonos.

She's an icon in the art world, something of a human chameleon, a "master of disguise" with the ability to transform her own image into the likeness of celebrities, iconic movie characters, and important figures throughout history. Now, in the world of text messaging, she's the artful alternative to the famous smiling poop emoji. Cindy Sherman-Icon is a project by designer Hyo Hong, that turns the prolific American photographer and conceptual artist into ideograms.