Helena Christensen & Portrait Photographer Mary Ellen Mark |

La modelo, supermodelo como dicen algunos, Helena Christensen también ha realizado trabajos y exposiciones como fotógrafa.
En  este vídeo entrevista a una gran fotógrafa americana fallecida en 2015y cuyo trabajo tuvo enorme influencia en USA.
Mary Ellen Mark is a renowned and accomplished photojournalist, whose work has enabled her to witness extremes of life around the world. Her subjects are frequently in heartbreaking situations--coping with adverse circumstances such as poverty, physical abuse, homelessness, or drug addiction.
Mary Ellen Mark:
..“Much of life is luck. No one can choose whether he’s born into a wealthy, privileged home or born into extreme poverty. I guess I’m interested in people who haven’t had as much of a chance because they reach out more, they need more. They touch me. I do a lot of other work to support myself, but those kinds of projects are the reasons I became a photographer.”