In the news. Why manipulation matters: World Press Photo. La manipulación de fotos importa, reglas 2016 World Press Photo. Ejemplos prácticos: Vídeos explicativos.

Hay noticias en prensa que , creo, merece la pena leer, esta es una de ellas, se refiere a las normas para 2016 del prestigioso World Press Photo.

Why manipulation matters gives us a creative interpretation of the world. However, when we want pictures to record and inform us of the varied events, issues, people, and viewpoints in our world, there are limits to how pictures can be made.

....the entry rules make clear that digital manipulation which adds, rearranges, reverses, distorts or removes people or objects from within the frame is not permitted, and the rules are backed by the forensic comparison of original camera files with the contest image in the second last round.

What counts as manipulation?

Realmente interesante, incluye unos vídeos de corta duración muy claros.