Book. 1862 Pictorial Effect in photography. Robinson, H. P. (Henry Peach), 1830-1901

Uno de los grandes libros sobre fotografía del siglo XIX fue escrito por el fotógrafo Henry Peach Robinson y se encuentra disponible en red.
La foto abajo comentada se encuentra en muchos libros de fotografía del siglo XIX.
Este fotógrafo tuvo corta vida profesional por el envenenamiento que le produjeron los productos tóxicos de revelado de la época.
Fue también un teórico del pictorialismo y de la fotografía en general.
Otros libros suyos, también disponibles en la web Archive org son:

Pictorial effect in photography


Henry Peach Robinson

Like many early photographers, Robinson had to give up darkroom work at age thirty-four because of a nervous condition brought on by exposure to toxic photographic chemicals. Robinson continued an active involvement in photography. He wrote the influential Pictorial Effect in Photography, Being Hints on Composition and Chiaroscuro for Photographers, first published in 1868. In 1891 Robinson and several others formed the Linked Ring, a society of photographers who had grown disillusioned by the photographic establishment as represented by the Photographic Society. He eventually succumbed to the poisonous effects of photographic chemicals. 

Met Museum

Fading Away

Robinson seamlessly combined five separate negatives to produce this intimate narrative of family tragedy. The scene centers on a bedridden young woman dying of tuberculosis—or possibly of a broken heart, as suggested by the Shakespearean title of a preliminary study, “She Never Told Her Love”.

Pictorial effect in photography