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Les informo de esta web especializada-Medio Oriente- con imágenes de libre descarga de la Universidad de Oxford

Manar Al-Athar منار الآثار

Free multi-media resource for the study of the Middle East

مصادر مجانية متعددة الوسائط لدراسة حضارات الشرق الأوسط

The Manar Al-Athar Image Database

The Manar al-Athar website, based at the University of Oxford, aims to provide open-access, searchable images for teaching, research, and publication. These high-resolution images of archaeological sites, with buildings and art, will cover the areas of the former Roman empire which later came under Islamic rule, such as Syro-Palestine/the Levant, Arabia, Egypt, North Africa, and Spain. The chronological range is from Alexander the Great (i.e., from about 300 BC) through the Islamic period to the present. It is the first website of its kind providing such material labelled jointly in both Arabic and English.

Images are freely available for academic and educational publications simply by acknowledging the source, See Copyright.  


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