Links:Canadian Photography Institute at the National Gallery.

Un nuevo museo dedicado a la fotografía siempre es bienvenido

The Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada is one of the largest public institutes in North America dedicated to photography. From emerging talent to historical archives and established artists, it is the place to see and study photography in all its forms.
A multidisciplinary research centre committed to the history, evolution and future of photography, the Institute was established in 2015 and officially launched in October 2016


As an art form, it has had a profound influence on other media, functioning as an aide-mémoire for painters and sculptors, as a catalyst for the development of abstraction, and as inspiration for the cubists, who borrowed forms from aerial photography and x-rays.
The influence of photography on contemporary culture cannot be overstated; humanity has become ever more dependent on, and demanding of, images. Digital photography is now a universal, daily, even hourly pastime, a standard medium for both mass and private communication