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The American annual of photography 

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The American Annual of Photography

  The genesis of the American Annual can be traced to an early competition between manufacturer E.& H.T. Anthony (founded 1841) and Scovill Manufacturing Company (founded 1850). Both early distributors of photographic supplies were anxious to capitalize on the rapid Western expansion. Anthony’s first publishing venture was a small sheet, the 1855 Bulletin of Photographic Invention and Improvement. The publication was annual until 1870, when it became a monthly publishing “serviceable and interesting information to all those engaged in photography, professional or otherwise” (Marder 199). It was distributed free, with a suggested donation of 25 cents to defray publishing costs. Anthony also became the sole U.S. agent for The British Journal’s Annual of Photography in 1870. The success of Anthony’s publishing and distribution efforts eventually moved Scovill (now Scovill & Adams) to introduce The American Annual of Photography in 1887, an instant popular success which sold out two printings.