Vídeo. Film Edward Steichen. Photographers at war. The Fighting Lady (1944) - USS Yorktown - Robert Taylor | Edward Steichen.

 A veces se encuentran documentos curiosos sobre fotografía y/ o fotógrafos en you tube.
En este caso una pelicula, de propaganda bélica de la segunda guerra mundial, realizada bajo la dirección del famoso fotógrafo, considerado uno de los grandes de la historia de la fotografía, como es Edward Steichen.
Creo que, por su valor documental , aunque distante en el tiempo, es interesante verla. 
Sus tomas son, creo, muy buenas y el punto de vista de la cámara excelente. Eso a pesar de ser una película bélica de propaganda.


The Fighting Lady is a 1944 documentary film produced by the U.S. Navy and narrated by Lt. Robert Taylor USNR.
The film uses Technicolor footage shot by "gun cameras" mounted directly on aircraft guns during combat. This gives a very realistic edge to the film, while the chronological following of the ship and crew mirror the experiences of the seamen who went from green recruits through the rigours of military life, battle, and, for some, death.

Naval Aviation Photographic Unit

The Naval Aviation Photographic Unit was a group of military photographers in the United States Navy during the Second World War, under the command of Edward Steichen. 
The Navy had established this special group in early 1942, shortly after the US entry into the war, to document and publicize its aviation activities and allowed Steichen to recruit the most talented photographers he could find. Steichen and his unit initially reported to Capt Arthur W. Radford, and were made part of the Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics.
Because Steichen wanted an unusual amount of control over the unit, outside the purview of the Navy's pre-existing photographic community, and because Radford agreed with him, it was decided the unit would operate out of the Bureau of Aeronautics' Training Literature Division, which was under Radford's direct command. This is why the unit's official name was "Training Literature Field Unit No. 1. However, informally it was referred to as the Naval Aviation Photographic Unit, and is generally referred to that way in the literature about it.