Atget The art of documentary photography.National Gallery of Art. Washington.

En la web  de la National Gallery de Washington se encuentra un apartado dedicado a Atget el gran fotógrafo de Paris y que tanto influencia tuvo en la fotografía documental del siglo XX. 
Es un estudio excelente, amplio y muy ordenado lo que facilita su lectura.

Quiero destacar especialmente el apartado sobre algunas de sus fotos, Works   pienso que siempre es bueno leer la descripción valorativa de fotos antiguas por parte de expertos pues ayuda a formar nuestra propia opinión


Étang de Corot, Ville-d'Avray, 1900–1910, 1995.36.2

..............This image, made on Atget's first visit to the pond, is especially evocative of Corot's style. The matte albumen printing paper that Atget used here produces images with a soft, velvety texture and cool color range—effects that emulate the light brushwork and silvery atmosphere for which Corot was renowned.
The composition is beautiful in its simplicity. Delicately rendered details, such as the grass and flowers in the foreground and the light on the leaves above, are quietly subsumed into a strong pictorial structure. The near bank and boat are parallel to the picture plane, and openings in the tree canopy at center right provide glimpses of the distant, parallel bank and the sky. Meanwhile, the thin, sinewy trees jutting off at seemingly impossible angles provide a casual, enlivening counterpoint to the overall geometric stability.

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