Architect: H. H. Richardson Owner: Fireplace of the Oakes Ames Memorial Library. ( Standford White )

Architect. H. H. Richardson  Owner: Fireplace of the Oakes Ames Memorial Library. ( Standford White )

The mantel from the North Easton Library shows the strong influence of the English Pre Raphaelites. Henry-Russell Hitchcock believes than the mantes was designed by Stanford White, then a draughtsman in Richardson' office. Except for a decorative mantel in Austin Hall this fireplace design is a unique example in Richardson' work

Henry Russell The architecture of H.H. Richardson and his times. MIT press. 1961. 186-187 

Como vemos en esta época era normal que un arquitecto participase diseñando interiores en el edificio diseñado por otro arquitecto.

Henry Hobson Richardson (September 29, 1838 – April 27, 1886) was a prominent American architect who designed buildings in Albany, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and other cities. The style he popularized is named for him: Richardsonian Romanesque. Along with Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, Richardson is one of "the recognized trinity of American architecture".


Stanford White (November 9, 1853 – June 25, 1906) was an American architect and partner in the architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White, the frontrunner among Beaux-Arts firms. He designed a long series of houses for the rich, and numerous public, institutional, and religious buildings. His design principles embodied the "American Renaissance".


The Ames Free Library is a public library designed by noted American architect H. H. Richardson. It is located at 53 Main Street, Easton, Massachusetts, immediately adjacent to another Richardson building, Oakes Ames Memorial Hall.
The library was built from 1877 to 1879, although it did not open until March 10, 1883. It is generally rectangular, with broad gable projecting from its north end and a rectangular tower rising where the gable meets the main mass. The gable's front facade contains a heavily arched entry on the first floor and a row of five arched windows separated by pairs of short columns above. The facade is light-brown Milford granite laid in random ashlar with reddish-brown Longmeadow brownstone trim. Its roof is red-orange tile. A children's wing (red brick) was added in 1931, eliminating the original lavatory and document room.
Within, the library's major rooms, stack wing, hall, and reading room are laid out longitudinally. The reading room's fireplace is primarily by Stanford White, and the stone and bronze medallions of Oliver Ames were designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

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