Fotografía antigua.Photographer Alfred Pettitt. Albumen. Cheshire little Moreton Hall. nº 73. The Edgar House Chester

Fotografía que representa una vista lateral de una casa, de nombre Moreton Hall por su primer propietario, y que es  monumento nacional del Reino Unido.
El fotógrafo se aleja un poco de la casa para dar una visión de conjunto, tanto del entorno como del propio edificio.

Built to make a big impression, Little Moreton Hall was constructed during the Tudor period, with the earliest part of the house begun in around 1504-1508 and the latest addition being completed in 1610. The Moreton family were wealthy landowners in the area and built the house as a symbol of their prosperity

‘Logically it should not still be standing up!’
Seeing the tumbling architecture of Little Moreton Hall for the first time, engineers in 1990 could not believe their eyes. Fortunately this timber-framed building, curled around with a scenic moat, has defied logic for over 500 years.

Little Moreton Hall, also known as Old Moreton Hall, is a moated half-timbered manor house 4 miles (6.4 km) southwest of Congleton in Cheshire, England. The earliest parts of the house were built for the prosperous Cheshire landowner William Moreton in about 1504–08, and the remainder was constructed in stages by successive generations of the family until about 1610. The building is highly irregular, with three asymmetrical ranges forming a small, rectangular cobbled courtyard. A National Trust guidebook describes Little Moreton Hall as being "lifted straight from a fairy story, a gingerbread house".
Sobre el fotógrafo, autor de las denominadas "Pettitt series" apenas he conseguido datos.....pero van apareciendo poco a poco
Es un pintor y fotógrafo con establecimiento en la calle St John st. de Keswick. 
En dicho establecimiento vendía tanto sus pinturas como sus fotografías que ordenaba o clasificaba por series.  Es necesario comentar que en este caso nos encontramos ante un hecho no muy frecuente en el que  un pintor y fotógrafo  ejerce ambas actividades a la vez; era más normal que un pintor, miniaturista sobre todo, dejase la pintura para ejercer la fotografía.

Anuncio de su establecimiento donde podemos ver su doble actividad de pintor y fotógrafo

ALFRED PETTITT'S FINE ART GALLERY OF THE LAKE DISTRICT, And the Derwentwater Portrait & Landscape Photographic Establishment, ST. JOHN STREET (90 yards from the Royal Oak Hotel, on the Ambleside Road), KESWICK. OPEN FROM 8-0 A.M. TO 10-0 P.M., FREE. (Established 1854.)
THE PAINTINGS (in Oil and Water Colors) Exhibited for Sale, represent the Mountains, Lakes, and Passes of the English lake District; by ALFRED PETTITT, KESWICK.
PHOTOGRAPHS. Mr. PETTITT'S series (4) of the English Lake District are the Largest and most complete published, and include Views of and from the summit of Scawfell Pike, Great Gable, Helvellyn, Striding Edge, Red Tarn, Pillar Rock, Wastwater, &c.
CATALOGUES on application to Mr. PETTITT, or at the Hotels and Stationers of the District. Payne Jenning's Photographs and Books also on Sale. 

The Edgar House Chester

.......Ye Olde Edgar is located at 86 and 88 Lower Bridge Street, on the corner of Shipgate Street, Chester, Cheshire. England. It is designated by English Heritage as a Grade II listed building.
.............It has basically a timber-framed structure, part of which has been replaced in brick. Its panels are plastered, and it is roofed in grey slate. The building is in two storeys, with two bays facing each street. The lower storey is mainly in painted brick, with brackets supporting the jettied upper storey. The side facing Lower Bridge Street contains three casement windows, and that facing Shipgate Street has two similar windows and a doorway.

Es curioso esto de buscar datos en Internet, nunca deja de sorprender.
  • Alfred Pettitt mantuvo correspondencia profesional con uno de los pioneros de la fotografía como es Henry Talbot ( Met Museum William Henry Fox Talbot (1800–1877) and the Invention of Photography)
La correspondencia de William Henry Fox Talbot en la British Library , menciona a Pettit como:
  • PETTITT Alfred - Alfred Pettitt (1821-1880), Lake District photographer & painter

[1909] 08 Mar 1860   [ TRANSCRIPTION ]
PETTITT Alfred to TALBOT William Henry Fox

Doc. No.: 8049 Collection: British Library, London - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection: British Library, London - Fox Talbot Collection
Collection number: Acc 21479

In reply to your favor of the 23rd Ult. I should be much pleased if we could make satisfactory arrangements for my Coming to your neighbourhood this Summer to take Negatives. it is a long distance to come which would require my absence from home a considerable time if the quantity of subjects you name was got well. now I would propose as the likely expence £1 each for every successfull negative, paying my own expences – or 15/- ea & my expences paid. I have at present never taken negatives for Sale – except about 4 taken for gentlemen in this neighbourhood but I have had offers from a London House of 3 guineas each for at least 50 of the negatives I have by me – but I considered they were more valuable to myself for printing from. If I was allowed to get a duplicate negative for myself of any of the subject you required it would make a great difference in the price. You did not say but I suppose you to require the negatives for yourself. if you merely wish me to take the negatives for myself – & you would take a certain quantity of positives from each – I should require to be informed how many each you would be likely to require, should you want any more of my views the price will be 4/- per dozen. for single unmounted prints. I shall be glad if you will give me your further Idea of the scenes in your locality, at Your early convenience & am

.......Abraham is perhaps the name most famously associated with Victorian Lake District Photography. Several generations of the Abraham family were photographers with George Perry Ashley Abraham the first to enter the industry. Born in 1844, he established a studio business based on the corner of Lake Road, Keswick, after an apprenticeship with Alfred Pettitt.

  •  Otro dato de un foto estereoscopica

Alfred Pettitt, Keswick. Produced by Marion, Paris

  • Expuso en las

Exhibitions of the Royal Photographic Society 1870-1915

de los años 1874-78-79

  • En Getty Edu hay una foto

    Joseph Baird collection of 19th-century architectural photographs, circa 1870-1920

    E85.G7.28 Album leaf with 4 photographs:

    [Wooden house with the motto`Providence is mine inheritance,' after a painting or drawing] 15 x 10

    Alfred Pettitt. Neg. no. 26.

    Eaton Hall, from Terrace 10 x 15

    Alfred Pettitt. Neg. no. 52.

    Eaton Hall 8 x 13.5

    Facade of Eaton Hall and pond.

    "Sure of"-- inscription.

    Eaton Hall, Library, looking East 16.5 x 21.5

    Alfred Pettitt en Getty Edu
    Album of Views of the English Lakes. The "Camera" Series. -
    Walmsley Brothers, photographer [British, active 1890s]
    J. Sawyers, photographer [British, active 1870s]
    Herbert Bell, photographer [British, active 1870s - 1880s]
    Davis, photographer [British]
    Baldry, photographer [British, active 1870s]
    Alfred Pettitt, photographer [British, died 1880, active Grasmere, England 1860s - 1880]
    H. Mayson, photographer [British, active 1870s] -

    Amateur World Tour Album, taken with a Kodak Bulls-Eye camera, plus purchased travel photographs by various photographers