Fotografía y documentación The British school at Rome digital archives

Un link a una base de datos correspondiente a la Escuela Británica en Roma. Contiene numerosas fotos de diversos, grandes, fotógrafos del siglo XIX

The British school at Rome  digital archives

The Photographic Archive of the BSR includes over 100,000 items, prints and negatives. A number of unique collections of 19th century photographs found their way into the BSR and out of these the Archive grew to include later collections, which document the research and activities of the BSR up to the present day. The majority of these are still unknown outside the BSR and most are not yet catalogued or published.

The processing techniques include both silver and non-silver processes, for example calotypes, glass negatives, salted paper prints and carbon prints.

A broad range of subjects is covered and includes:

• the archaeology and topography of Italy, North Africa and the Middle East
• ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture and, in particular, sculpture
• Roman, Byzantine and Medieval architecture and Renaissance art and architecture
• damage to monuments in Italy during World War II
• BSR events and activities and the work of BSR Fine Art Fellows.

Destacar, ya comentada anteriormente, la

John Henry Parker Collection 
Reune una gran colección de fotos de diferentes fotógrafos del siglo XIX que ejercieron su labor en Italia